Saturday, May 9, 2009

Racism and terrorism promoted by the United Nations

This is a response to the many calls for certain ways of peace in the Middle East regarding the Arabs, especially the Palestinians, and Israel and the USA. There are some items and issues that you may not know about:

Palestinian Arab children marching with "stones" around Jerusalem mosque figure (where is Million Moms March?)

If Arafat was able to call for a cease fire (as he did successfully in the past) and the Palestinian terrorists stop, then that means the opposite is true. If Arafat could stop the terrorists, he also had direct control over the terrorist attacks. Think about it. Even before the 1967 war that brought the "Green Line" into existence, Arafat formed the PLO in 1964 to kill Israeli Jews and destroy their homes and buildings. The reason I know that is that some of my relatives kept newspapers and magazines from that year. Even the press of the USA and other countries discussed Arafat's terrorist actions back in 1964, 1965, and 1966, which were before the Six Day War of 1967. Also recently Palestinian terrorists admitted to the foreign and American news media that they got their orders from Arafat before he died and now Abbas honored terrorist for killing their victims!

Recent photo of Arab women supporting Hitler in anti-Israel protests -- how about a "Heil Hitler for them?

On the other side of the Israel/Palestinian issues are things like the following. The United Nations had schools for the Palestinians (such as in Siblin and other places) through the UNRWA. These schools were actually photographed with Nazi swastikas and training schools on killing methods and terrorism with various materials there needed for their acts. I have a photograph of this school and a description of the activities in the Siblin school. The Palestinians even learned how to stuff toys that blew up lots of Jewish kids. The UN personnel to whom I talked to about this issue refuse to this day to deal with this deceptive evil. Also, Palestinians to whom I spoke at colleges in the south west USA, during the 1970s, mentioned these practices to me and other people. These Palestinians were brazen in their attitudes of wanting to kill Jews, even in America.

How can anyone believe that it will be "wonderful" when Palestinians can live on BOTH sides of the Green Line and Jews can ONLY live on ONE side of the Green Line? These are just some of the publicly stated goals that Arafat, PLO, Hamas, Hizbullah, and other terrorists and anti-Jewish groups in the Middle East established even BEFORE the 1967 Six Day War and still want. Just think, can it be possible that we are helping to get places like Shomron to be "Judenriden" or rid of the "filthy" Jews (as the PA and PLO have said), just like the Nazis did in certain areas of Europe? The Palestinian schools now teach the kids that they must rid ALL places of Jews, even Tel Aviv and every Israeli house.

But then the world will reward these "politically correct" terrorists with a nation of their own. Even the Al Qaeda fighters know that the PA areas are good areas to move to and escape punishment. Look at the literature coming from the Palestinians and see how they view Israel soon disappearing completely under future wars. They have pictures and graphics of Palestinians stomping all Jews out of the Middle East, sometimes with blood flowing from Jewish bodies. We also have lots of records (evidence) of Arafat plotting and killing Jews even before the Six Day War of 1967 (that made the "Green Line"). Arafat and other Palestinians have planned and executed terrorists acts in the early 1960s and later years that killed innocent children and people even in other countries. Do you remember the September 1972 Olympics when Israeli athletes got killed? Who were the terrorist killers? If you know anything the Middle East, then you will see the connection to the September 11, 2001, attacks also. The picture is bigger than what you see.

Recently many members of the Al Qaeda terrorist group are now slipping into the Palestinian areas. What makes Arafat's areas so attractive to them? Why did Arafat and does the Palestinian Authority let the Al Qaeda members into the Palestinian areas?

Have you heard how Palestinian schools teach (openly and secretly) kids that no Jew can live in any area, including Tel Aviv and any Israeli town or any part of the Middle East? These goals will be achieved by killings and wars to "remove" the Jews permanently. The PA and PLO openly promote the eventual "cleansing" of all the area so that no Jew can live anywhere close to them.

Even before 1947, Jewish people purchased several hundred thousand acres of land legitimately and legally in the 1920s and 1930s. But now the Palestinians deny that these purchases are valid anymore. They even have denied the very papers that they signed in the past. WHY? Most now are stating that they were "expelled" from the very lands by "evil" Jews. Previously they said they sold the land, now they say they were expelled. How convenient to change a story when it is "politically correct" and expedient to do so!

Also, how come Palestinians are destroying Jewish archaeological items and artifacts on purpose, despite US Congressional protests? Israel now has international oversight from several universities and groups, but the PA can do as they well please. Why? Haven't you hear of the PA's public announcements that the Palestinians MUST get rid of any EVIDENCE of Jewish ancestry in the land?

Consider that a number of Europeans, especially Germans, working for companies that are the "descendants" (daughter companies) of the manufacturers of the WWI and WWII German gas plants, had been secretly working with the PA and PLO to create poison gas weapons and small gas chambers. These companies were also working with Iraq before the Gulf War, helping them make weapons of mass destruction. I remember talking to Western construction companies' engineers working on projects for Iraq in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They talked about all the other "plants" being built to help the Arabs attack Israel. This was brought to the attention of the US Congress during the Gulf War, but to no avail. The desires for money and oil are "thicker" than morals.

Please read the book, "From Time Immemorial," written by Joan Peters, published 1984, J. KAP publishing, ISBN 0-9636242-0-2. This book addresses some real historical and cultural issues that most news media personnel ignore. BUT even if you or others do NOT believe this book, it is impossible to disregard the evidence and writings from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and other early and late cultures and sources in this region from the many centuries of the past.

Here are some pictures of future Palestinians who were kids back in the late 1990s and years 2000 and 2001. How about putting these pictures in your web sites? I downloaded these graphics from Arab web sites:


Here are some other sites for references from the Palestinians

Finally, think about the millions of donated money given to the PA and PLO from Europe! In the 1990s, there was one time when the European countries gave $400 million dollars to the Palestinians. What happened to that money and why are the people still so poor? Why is it that the Palestinian authorities ended up buying so many weapons with that money instead of feeding their own people???

Abbas honors a terrorist (one of many he honored)

Abbas also commemorated 'martyrs' from Fatah, Hamas, other factions, and also WWII Nazi Ally Grand Mufti Hajj Muhammad Amin Al-Husseini And Mandate-Era Terrorist Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam:

Gaza kids trained to launch terror rockets

Hamas TV Children's Shows with martyrdom indoctrination - Children all Over the World Will Become Martyrs:

Jordanian cleric brought his daughter to Gaza to learn Jihad and Martyrdom-seeking

Palestinian Authority TV airs play from Damascus Opera House lauding child martyrdom, portraying Jews with stereotypical Anti-Semitic characteristics

Arab child preacher Ibrahim Adham longs for martyrdom, fighting alongside the Palestinians,7340,L-4418776,00.html

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